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The cuisine at Le Bois des Dames is a reflexion of the house : friendly, authentic and gourmet, with a twist os sophistication.
The produces are fresh, seasonal and mainly local.

Breakfast is sacred  

Crispy breads, quality viennoiseries, artisanal jams, fresh squeezed oranges, dairy products, eggs to order, hams and cheeses…
Salted or sweet, we are proud to offer an unforgettable breakfast !

Table d’hôtes dinners

One on one or at a shared table, depending on your romantic or sharing mood, our table d’hôtes is an essential of Le Bois des Dames.
Arnold and Clotilde cook four-handed, with delight and the desire to delight you.

To each season its specialties 

Our region Drome offers a rich terroir and exceptional local products that we are happy to use in our seasonal recipes : Ravioles du Dauphiné, Drome poultry, Nyons olives, asparagus and strawberries from Carpentras, heirloom tomatoes, melons and fruits of the Rhône valley, wild mushrooms and, of course and in winter, black truffles !
To accompany your meal, a nice wine list of Cotes and Rhône Valley finds, and a selection of local producers from the Grignan les Adhemar label.

To each season its ambiance

At sunny days, diner is served in the candle lit courtyard, in a cosmopolitan and laid back atmosphere (service on monday, wesnesday and friday evenings)


From the most simple bistrot to the most gastronomic restaurant, there are plenty of great places to experience. You will find some really close to us, and some you will discover while touring the region.
We have tried them all in order to give you the best advice and propose a selection matching your desires.